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Polishing the Pulpit 2022

Elijah: A Simple Man that Used the Power of Prayer | Shelby Moorman


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    Robby Eversole, Sr.—What Limits Should We Observe in Protecting our Children? This will look at inconveniences, discomforts, etc, to avoid making them “too soft”? (cf. Philippians 4:12).

    Stacey Grant—Thoughts on Being Self-Supported Verses Church Supported.

    Cody McCoy—Non-food Fellowship Ideas....

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    Hugh Fulford & Alan Highers

    Sandwich Session: Preacher Tales: Stories of Preachers of the Past (Part 1). These brothers have been members of the church for 70 years, friends since their college days at FHU, and have both been preaching for well over 60 years. You will enjoy their stories and mem...

  • Bounce Class: The Best Ideas We Have ...

    Philip Jenkins, Alan Pitchford, Ande Zimmerman

    Bounce Class: Sharing Youth Ministry Ideas. Bring your best recommendations for Bible classes, retreat themes, event planning, group games, and personal growth in ministry. Class input and discussion encouraged!

    This video is from Polishing the Pul...