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Polishing the Pulpit 2022

7 Minutes of Wisdom: Other Things for Elders to Consider


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  • 7 Minutes of Wisdom: How Elders Deal ...

    7 Minutes of Wisdom: How Elders Deal with Difficult Situations
    Jim Faughn—Some Practical Pointers on Caring for the Flock.
    Jimmy Holland—Motivational Mondays Videos.
    Keith Hovis—How to Handle “People Are Saying” Comments.
    Eric Owens—How to Handle Members Who Stay in the Foyer During Worship.

  • Panel: Questions About Church Discipl...

    Panel: Questions About Church Discipline Answered

    Jeff Archey—How We Go about Church Discipline.

    Rick Brumback—What Should Members Do When the Elders Won’t Practice Discipline?

    Glenn Colley—Should Christians Practice Discipline on an Individual Level if Elders Fail to Lead in Withdrawal?


  • Panel: Building A Vibrant Young Adult...

    Panel: Building a Vibrant Young Adult Ministry. While many churches see millennials as illusive, congregations can see them as the “Golden Demographic” and necessary to sustain the local church. This session will discuss engaging activities, leadership train- ing, targeted classes, theory, and pr...